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Cielo’s proprietary solution is born from the established telecommunications experience of our founding team. We specialize in providing VoIP technology for airlines, banks, energy companies, insurance groups, major hotel groups, universities, Big Tech, and more.

After connecting 100M+ unique airline calls, our leadership developed X-ray vision of the pain points experienced by airlines, their call centers, and especially their passengers. Using these insights, they decided to build Cielo and solve these problems globally.

Cielo makes it massively profitable to keep humans (and empathy) at the center of phone support. We do so by monetizing access, quality, and speed. Cielo helps align the incentives and expectations of excellent customer service.

With a plug-and-play solution layer for automated call systems that requires no extensive integration or upfront investment, Cielo helps airlines of all sizes monetize access, speed, and quality of customer service, turning a cost center into a significant profit center.

Cielo is creating a new category of ancillary services and reimagines the customer experience in a human-centric way.

20+ Years


10 industries

Global Contact Centers

100M+ Airline Calls

Full Service & Low Cost

Cielo turns your call center into a profit center.

Cielo makes it massively profitable to keep humans (and empathy) at the center of customer service.

We're rooting for humans in all industries.

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We're rooting for humans and your bottom line.

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