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VIP Phone Support

Pre-paid access to concierge-level phone support. Customers obtain dedicated access to special services and benefit from personalized assistance at any time.

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CallPass allows clients to offer differentiated access to phone support or unbundle it all together in exchange for savings. CallPass also reduces unnecessary calls and filters support for those who really need it.

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FastLane allows callers to skip to the front-of-the-call line by paying a small fee, subscription, or as a perk. Customers who need that urgency will express willingness to pay on-demand, creating new revenue-generating opportunities.

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Ventana (patent pending) uses time windows to deliver call-back features unavailable to 95% of the world due to commercial restrictions. Ventana is the best way to give people back their time, reduce IT & telecom costs, and capitalize on partnerships.

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Cielo turns your call center into a profit center.

Cielo makes it massively profitable to keep humans (and empathy) at the center of customer service.

We're rooting for humans in all industries.

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